• Lilly psoriasis drug succeeds in late-stage studies

    (Reuters) - Eli Lilly and Co said its experimental psoriasis drug was found to be more effective in clearing skin than Amgen Inc's treatment and a placebo in late-stage studies. These studies evaluated the drug, ixekizumab, against Amgen's etanercept and a placebo, in patients with…

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  • Look at what two years on Mars did to the Curiosity Rover

    Welcome to the first annual Verge Hack Week. We're totally blowing up our site: we've given our reporters and editors the entire week to play with new tools and experiment with new storytelling ideas, while members of our amazing product team have gathered in New York to help build all sorts of…

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  • UK and Wellcome offer $10 million for emergency Ebola research

    An emergency research call has been launched to help fight the world's worst Ebola outbreak in West Africa, with the British government and the Wellcome Trust medical charity pledging a combined 6.5 million pounds ($10.8 million). "The gravity of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa demands an urgent…

  • Coming to a TV near you: ABC's Chris Hadfield-inspired astronaut comedy

    Everything I learned about space — how you cry, eat, sleep, vomit, wash, exercise, and more — I learned from Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. During his missions aboard the International Space Station, Hadfield created a bevy of short Q&A-style videos that showed the topsy-turvey life of an…

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  • Experts launch project to digitize neglected Bosnian heritage

    By Daria Sito-Sucic SARAJEVO (Reuters) - A group of Balkan experts have launched a high-tech project to digitize Bosnia's historical archives which were partly destroyed during its three wars last century and are still under threat from neglect and a lack of funding. The project promises to make…

  • Rats in Spaaace! NASA Wants to Put Rodents on Space Station

    Call them the "rat-stronauts." NASA is drawing up plans to launch a team of rats with the right stuff to the International Space Station as early as this year. This means there will need to be changes to animal husbandry to keep the rats happy and healthy, said Julie Robinson, NASA's chief…
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    Squatter Takes Over $2.7M Florida Mansion

    Concerned neighbors are willing to try anything to get rid of the aspiring hip-hop artist living next door.

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  • Scientists Have Figured Out How Lizards Regrow Their Tails, And That's Good News For Humans

    When a lizard loses its tail, it grows back. But how?Scientists have taken a big step closer to answering that question by pinpointing the genes responsible for tail regeneration. And the finding may yield important clues about how to regenerate limbs in humans.For the study, the researchers took a…

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  • Growing number of biosafety labs raises public health concern

    Construction of new biosafety labs a waste of money, possible threat to public health, say reports and experts.

    Center for Public Integrity
  • Novartis hands over experimental TB drugs in antibiotic pullback

    By Caroline Copley ZURICH (Reuters) - Novartis has signed a licensing deal to hand over its experimental tuberculosis (TB) drugs to the Global Alliance for TB Drug Development, joining a growing Big Pharma retreat from antibiotics. The TB Alliance deal reflects renewed scrutiny of the Novartis…

  • RISC creator is pushing open source chips for cloud computing and the internet of things

    Computer scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, are joining the fight for open source chips with an instruction set architecture called RISC-V. They view it as a true open source project ...

  • Splat! Why Some Snakes Are Easy Roadkill

    Concrete roads may help cars go fast, but they slow down snakes, new research finds. During that time, about 70 cars may pass over a well-used highway to the New Jersey coast. On sand, a trip the same distance would last only 45 seconds, said Dane Ward, a doctoral student in environmental science…
  • Ball Corporation Up on Successful Launch of WorldView-3

    Ball Corporation's (BLL) shares gained on the successful launch of WorldView-3 satellite.

  • Livestrong $50M gift biggest since Armstrong exit

    AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Lance Armstrong's former charity made the largest investment in its history Tuesday by giving $50 million to the University of Texas, marking the group's biggest splash since severing ties with the disgraced cyclist as it pushes to restore momentum and influence after a…

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  • Toy-like rockets could someday carry tiny satellites and human ashes to space

    Twenty years after its founding, Microlaunchers could finally find the interest it needs to build huge fleets of small rockets.

  • Here's How The Human Brain Gets Its Wrinkles

    The reason our brains have that wrinkly, walnut shape may be that the rapid growth of the brain's outer brain — the gray matter — is constrained by the white matter, a new study shows. Researchers found that the particular pattern of the ridges and crevices of the brain's convoluted surface, which…

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  • Michael Brown's Autopsy: What It Can (and Can't) Tell Us

    Autopsies completed on the body of black teenager Michael Brown have failed to reveal exactly what happened on Aug. 9 when authorities said white police officer, Darren Wilson, fatally shot the boy in Ferguson, Missouri. As part of three separate investigations into the shooting, both the county…
  • Humans Did Not Wipe Out the Neanderthals, New Research Suggests

    Neanderthals went extinct in Europe about 40,000 years ago, giving them millennia to coexist with modern humans culturally and sexually, new findings suggest. This research also suggests that modern humans did not cause Neanderthals to rapidly go extinct, as some researchers have previously…