• Making Mars Exploration 'Smart and Cool': NASA and 'The Martian'

    At a recent media event that previewed NASA's "Journey to Mars" and the Ridley Scott film opening in theaters on Oct. 2, the director of the U.S. space agency's planetary science division integrated images from the movie into his talk about NASA's real missions to the Red Planet, subtly blurring…
  • Sweeping Psychology’s Problems Under the Rug

    Recently, I reported that a large team of scientists had tried to replicate the results of 100 psychological experiments—and failed in most cases. Five days later, Lisa Feldman Barrett, a professor of psychology at Northeastern University, took to the New York Times to defend her field. In an…

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  • 8-Foot-Long Bull Shark Pulled from Potomac River

    Think sharks live only in the ocean? An 8-foot-long (2.4 meters) bull shark was pulled from the Potomac River, along the mid-Atlantic coast of the United States, by a group of Maryland fishermen yesterday (Sept. 3). Sharks do roam the open sea, but certain species, including the bull shark, also…
  • Toyota partners with Stanford, MIT on self-driving car research

    By Paul Lienert DETROIT (Reuters) - Toyota Motor Corp is collaborating with two top U.S. universities on artificial intelligence and robotics research aimed at ramping up the Japanese automaker's efforts to develop self-driving cars. Toyota said on Friday that it would spend $50 million over the…

  • New MIT course promotes holistic approach to product design and sales

    Too often the tasks of building a product and selling it are walled off from each other. This new MIT degree program seeks to tear down some of those barriers.

  • 3M Food Safety's Molecular Detection Assay Wins Approval

    3M (MMM) Food Safety's next generation molecular detection assay for listeria monocytogenes gets approval from AOAC-PTM.

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    How 3D Printing Gave These Animals A New Life

    3D printing has come a long way, and while we mostly use it to develop human parts, 3D printing has given these animals new leases on life.

  • Intel putting $50 mn into quantum computing research

    US chip colossus Intel on Thursday said that it will put $50 million and engineering resources into an alliance on quantum computing that could radically advance complex problem-solving.

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  • Biogen's IT Overhaul Aims to Bring in Emerging Tech to Expand Business

    The biotech company, which is facing a steep slowdown this year in sales of its flagship treatment for multiple sclerosis, wants to use wearables and analytics to create new products and ways of interacting ...

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  • Right Place, Right Time: See Mercury in the Night Sky This Week

    Mercury is a very challenging planet to view, but this week, skywatchers have a good chance to see it, especially in the Southern Hemisphere —on Friday, Sept. 4, the planet travels as far east of the sun as it can go, its greatest elongation. Here, we see the planet as we might from space —for…
  • Is That a Colony of Conjoined Twins or a Single Sea Creature?

    Nanomia bijuga. In the GIF, above, a scientist injects fluorescent dye in front of it to highlight its movements. Look at its twists, its turns, its sudden changes in direction. “They are amazingly maneuverable,” says Jack Costello from the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.…

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  • Liberia Is Ebola Free (Again)

    For the second time this year, Liberia has stamped out Ebola transmission and been declared free of the disease, health officials say. Today (Sept. 3) marks 42 days since the last person to have Ebola in Liberia was cured and released from the hospital, according to a new report from the Centers…
  • Snot-filled whale research takes flight

    By Ben Gruber Gloucester, Mass. (Reuters) - Snotbot is a drone whose name describes it perfectly, it's a robot that collects snot, specifically whale snot. Up until now, gathering samples for whale research involved shooting darts that penetrated the body. Instead of shooting darts at a whale for…

  • The next big thing will never be the last

    How do we measure the success of technology? Simply by looking at the world around us.

  • Wilbur Wright Flew In The Face Of Plane Naysayers

    It began with a toy, a small helicopter their father brought home from one of his travels. It was little more than a stick with twin propellers and a rubber band. But it flew. And it unleashed the imagination ...

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  • eBay Turns 20: Key Moments in the Online Marketplace's History

    Online auction website eBay launched 20 years ago today -- and in the past two decades has shaped the way people buy and sell everything from cars to collectibles.

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  • NASA is developing a “hedgehog” robot to tumble around comets and asteroids

    Imagine an army of tumbling, twirling, gyrating robots exploring faraway icy bodies. Do they look anything like this? That’s NASA’s Hedgehog robot, performing a “tornado” maneuver designed to escape from a deep sinkhole on a comet. The US space agency, together with Stanford and MIT, is developing…

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  • At Home Drug Test Kit

    Simple one-step testing cup. Get results in minutes not days. All orders over $25 ship free.

  • Restless nights? Smart devices may help ease you through the twilight hours

    Samsung's Sleep Sense can be placed underneath the mattress at night where it can monitor heartbeat, breathing and movements. Data is transmitted to a tablet, where it will be ready for analysis over breakfast, the head of Samsung's digital products, Yoon C. Lee, said. Sleep Sense could also be…

  • After Biogen deal, Florida biotech opening Cambridge office

    Gene-therapy firm Applied Genetic Technologies Corp. is opening a new office in Cambridge to aid the company’s partnership with Biogen and broaden office and research space. Applied Genetic Technologies (AGTC), which is focused on developing gene therapies to cure genetic causes of blindness, is…

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  • Time To Move? Homes Swallowed Up By Gigantic Sinkhole That’s Growing Every Day

    It’s probably time for residents in this Russian town to think about moving.

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