Scott Walker Not the Choice for Wisconsin

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Yahoo! News asked Wisconsin voters to share how they voting, and why, in the Gov. Scott Walker recall election. Below is a perspective from a resident.

COMMENTARY | As a teacher and a concerned voter who doesn't want Wisconsin's education system to fall any more than Scott Walker has allowed it, I believe he has truly done an incredible disservice to our state in only a short while as governor.

Every time Walker opens his mouth, a new lie escapes. From alleging he has saved Wisconsin a billion dollars with his new policies, to mixing and matching any set of numbers to make him look like he added 33,200 jobs, and to, most importantly, his closest staffers being arrested during this FBI/John Doe investigation, it should be clear to any person with common sense: Don't trust Scott Walker.

Walker thinks he is moving Wisconsin forward; however, from where I sit, he has turned our beautiful state completely backward. My vote is clear.

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