Sean Combs Reads Magazines, Gets Magazine-Inspired Tattoos

The Atlantic

Who says print media is dead? Sean 'Puff Daddy' Combs unveiled a new tattoo on Instagram this morning. It's the New York Magazine logo on the underside of his arm

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It's all healed up, so it isn't fresh. He's had it for a little while now, but this is the first time he's revealing it to the world. And this doesn't seem to be a cross-promotion of any kind. The folks from  New York seem to ba as taken aback as anyone:

We're flattered. RT @iamdiddy: New tat

— New York Magazine (@NYMag) February 9, 2013

That's it, work's done for the day. RT @iamdiddy: New tat

— The Cut (@TheCut) February 9, 2013

Diddy, on behalf of everyone @nymag, we accept this. RT @ryanreal What a huge fan of your work. RT @iamdiddy: New tat

— Will Leitch (@williamfleitch) February 9, 2013

And they're gracious, too! It's amazing to think that, in this day and age, celebrities would still get the logo of a magazine tattooed on their arm. We won't rule out that Diddy could be a subscriber, and gets the magazine delivered to his New York apartment, but we suspect this had more to to with the city that raised the former-rapper and friend of Notorious B.I.G. than the magazine itself. Credit where it's due, though: kudos to New York for having a logo recognizable enough for Diddy to deem worthy of his skin. We have some other ideas for that right arm, though... 

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