See Christian Students Slamming Vanderbilt’s Religious Crackdown: ‘They’re…Asking Us to Deny Our Faith’

Some professors and pupils at Vanderbilt University are fighting diligently against the university's crack-down on campus religious groups. While the school's administration has shown no sign of backing down, neither have individual students and campus groups who feel their religious rights are being trampled. (Related: Vanderbilt University: Christian Campus Groups Can't Require Leaders to Have Specific Beliefs) The Vanderbilt College Republicans have produced a new video (viewable on the "Restore Religious Freedom at Vanderbilt" web site) that showcases student reaction to the university's non-discrimination rules -- regulations that forbid student clubs from requiring leaders to hold specific beliefs. The clip opens with individual students discussing, one-by-one, the nation's history of religious freedom. They go on to utter the first portion of the First Amendment -- "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof," while reiterating the Founding Fathers' words about faith. "Our new so-called non-discrimination policy threatens to destroy the integrity of each of our religious organizations," one student proclaims. "With this policy, Vanderbilt is going somewhere where no other university has gone before," says another student. "What are they thinking?," numerous students ask, as another chimes in to encourage viewers to get involved. "We call on the chancellor to stop this nonsense," he says. Watch the video, below:

In another video, the students raise a series of very important questions surrounding the college's opposition to the crackdown. "They're actually asking us to deny our faith," one student says:

It seems the students at Vanderbilt aren't satisfied with the answers they've been given. This is one battle that doesn't have a foreseeable end in sight.