How to: Set up a Facebook profile

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How to: Set up a Facebook profile

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How to: Set up a Facebook profile

Perhaps you’ve been holding out on getting a Facebook account. It is everywhere and that’s somewhat overwhelming. Maybe you tried Google+ but didn’t like it. 

Not sure where to start, though? Check out our step-by-step instructions on setting up a profile on Facebook to get you on your social networking way. 

Facebook currently has over 400 million users in many different countries. It allows you to share photos, interact with people, and find old friends. You can also use it for business purposes to connect with clients and network with other businesses. 

Lets get started - 

1. Go to the Facebook homepage –

2. On the right side of the window there will be section under the header ‘Sign Up’. There are several boxes to enter your information in. Put in your First Name, Last Name, E-mail address (you’ll have to enter it twice), make up a password.

The final options ‘Select your gender’ and ‘Your Birthday’ are in drop down menus. Once you’ve done all of that click the green ‘Sign Up’ button.

3. Facebook will take you to a security check screen. Just enter the letters that you see in the provided box and then click the green ‘Sign Up’ button. Sometimes the letters can be hard to read. If you’re having trouble look above the box for the blue link ‘Try different words’. This will give you new letters to enter that might be easier to read.

4. After the security check you’ll get a new page that will help you find friends. Use your Yahoo, Windows Live Hotmail, or AOL accounts to find friends. You can also use other e-mail services. If you’re not ready for friend-finding you can skip this step. 

5. Next up is a tab labeled profile information. Here, Facebook will ask you what high school and college that you attended. It will ask you if you are employed. For some companies Facebook will have their information, others might not. You don’t have to enter any of this information, you can skip it. However, if you do enter anything, Facebook will then find people that also noted that they went to those schools and ask you to add any that you know. Again, you can skip this. 

6. The last tab is your profile picture. You can either upload a photo from your computer or use your webcam to take a picture of yourself. Click ‘Save and Continue’. 

Now, you’re on Facebook. Most of your information will be fairly blank. If you’d like to change it you can click on your name on the upper left side of the page. On your profile page there are several sections just look for the ‘Edit this’ buttons to change them, if you’d like. 

You can also go to the account and privacy settings pages. To find these look at the upper right hand corner of the window. There is an arrow next to the ‘Home’ button. Click the arrow and then choose account settings. In the account and privacy settings you can change what people can see on your Facebook and how various Facebook applications interact with your profile. 

Enjoy your new Facebook profile and connecting with friends, family and coworkers.

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