Seth Rogen Explains Why He Relieved Himself In Front Of Tom Cruise's Home

Access Hollywood

Seth Rogen is coming clean about a Tweet he posted earlier this month referencing a curious incident in front of Tom Cruise's house.

Access Hollywood caught up with the "50/50" star at the National Board of Review awards on Tuesday night in New York City, where he spilled the details on something we hope he didn't spill in his car.

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"I peed in a Snapple bottle while parked in my car outside of Tom Cruise's house, years ago," the actor said with a laugh, explaining that his impromptu bathroom break took place approximately four years ago.

And why didn't the actor just ask to use the restroom at Tom's house?

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"I showed up early for a meeting. And I felt embarrassed to go in early and ask to use the bathroom," he explained. "I was like 20 minutes early and I'd never met him, so I figured I should just pee in my car."

Adding, "Not a lot of my friends know that story."

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