Sexual Orientation Isn't a Factor in the Qualities of a Boy Scout

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The Boy Scouts of America affirmed on Tuesday that openly and avowed homosexuals cannot belong to the organization. Yahoo! asked Scout leaders and parents of Scouts for their reaction. Here is one perspective.

COMMENTARY | When I read the news that the Boy Scouts of America have vowed not to allow homosexual leaders or members, I was flabbergasted. Since when is sexual orientation a factor in the qualities of a Boy Scout? The last time I checked, the Scouts were supposed to be an organization for boys and girls to learn leadership qualities and skills that will render them competent, community-serving adults. What does a person's sexual orientation have to do with being either a leader or a member in Boy Scouts?

This is simply ignorant. My 10-year-old daughter has been involved in Girl Scouts for several years and I was a Girl Scout. I'm appalled that such a reputable organization for children would take such a bigoted and ignorant stance against homosexuals. It is not for anyone to judge what another human being does in his/her bedroom. If the Boy Scouts are attempting to take some religious or moral high ground, they need to consider the fact that most religions prohibit people from judging other people.

This definitely makes me reconsider allowing my daughter to be associated with an organization that is so overtly discriminatory.

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