Shame Passerby With These Pedestrian Penalty Cards

Two Guys Surf the Streets of New York City [VIDEO]

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Discourteous Photographing

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Walking around major cities can seem almost like a video game -- dodge the picture takers, weave through groups, avoid the giant umbrellas for extra points.

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Even if they are a total first-world problem, bad walkers really are a nuisance.

The next time you encounter one, you may want to have these ready-made pedestrian penalty cards handy. After all, what could be more satisfying than taking a wrong-way walker down a notch?

What is your biggest pedestrian pet peeve? Let us know in the comments below.

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Naked Cowboy

Well, nearly-naked cowboy is more like it.Donning a cowboy hat, boots, briefs and one strategically placed guitar, Robert John Burck can almost always be seen in Times Square strumming his six-string and waving to tourists. He's stuck his nearly-naked foot in politics, too: In 2009, he challenged New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg in the election. The following year, he announced he was challenging President Barrack Obama in the 2012 election as a GOP candidate. He withdrew from both races shortly after entering.Image courtesy of Flickr, Diego Lopez

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