Sheriff’s deputy wrestles seven-foot gator outside Florida middle school [VIDEO]

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In the raw video below, a sheriff’s deputy successfully wrestles a seven-foot alligator on the campus of a Florida middle school as students were leaving for the day.

Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy Jessica McGregor was the gator grappler, reports Central Florida News 13. The incident occurred on Tuesday at Clermont Middle School in Clermont, Florida — not too far from Orlando.

With so many students around, McGregor didn’t want to wait for an alligator trapper to arrive.

“Got him to work around a little bit, wore him out, get him tired, so he wasn’t so much to handle,” McGregor told News 13. “And then once he was good and tired, I walked up behind him and dropped down on his back, pushed his head down, so I could get his mouth taped up. So he couldn’t bite.”

McGregor is the deputy assigned to the Clermont Middle School beat, where presumably the work is normally less stressful.

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Sheriff's deputy wrestles seven-foot gator outside Florida middle school [VIDEO]

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