Shoplifters Hide Cameras in Their Fat Rolls

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One way to become a successful criminal: Gain weight. A lot of it.

Two overweight shoplifters at a Wal-Mart in Oklahoma were able to shoplift thousands of dollars worth of cameras by hiding the electronics in the rolls of fat on their bodies, reports.

The clever thieves apparently collected a cart-full of cameras; they went to an area of the store where security cameras couldn't watch them, took items out of packages, and then headed toward the checkout line.

They walked through the checkout line and paid cashiers for a few, smaller items. The rest of the merchandise was hidden on their person, the article tells us.

"Both of the gentlemen were large so they apparently concealed the cameras somewhere on their bodies but because they were so large, it was hard to see how they did it," detective Scott Stephens said in the article.

Of course, they're not the first to come up with creative ways to steal things.

Last week, a South African man was convicted of trying to smuggle $2.3 million worth of diamonds. His technique: Swallow the 220 gems.

The method didn't work so well. A body scan at the airport showed all of the rocks inside his body, the New Jersey Newsroom tells us.

Police had the very unfortunate responsibility of administering a laxative to retrieve the booty.

Of course, many of the craziest examples of smuggling schemes come from drug dealers. One of the weirdest: a cast made completely of cocaine that officials discovered at the Barcelona airport in 2009. tells us that a Chilean man wearing a cast made of drugs was discovered while going through security. He did, in fact, have two fractures, but those were only there to elicit sympathy and pass scrutiny if anyone actually x-rayed his leg.

Instead, police tested the cast for cocaine; the drug was also found in his luggage, in the legs of two stools he had with him, and in a six-pack of beer.

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