To Sign Jordi Alba, Manchester Needs GM’s Money: A Fan’s Take

To Steal Jordie Alba from Barcelona, Manchester United Will Need Capital

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After signing a five-year deal with GM, Manchester United will have enough capital to secure Valencia star Jordi Alba. Manchester United failed to sign Eden Hazard last week. In an article I wrote titled Manchester United and GM Marry For Money, which can be found here, several fans attributed Manchester United's low bid for Eden Hazard to a lack of capital. In light of the GM-Manchester United deal, which was announced on Thursday, May 31, 2012, Sir Alex Ferguson should be able to secure Jordi Alba for Manchester United.

To Sign Jordi Alba, Manchester United will Need Money

In order to convinced Jordi Alba that Manchester United should be his club, Alex Ferguson will need to provide him with a generous offer. Jordi Alba is regarded as one of the top left-backs in the world. Barcelona is Jordi Alba's preferred club, as he used to play within their organization. Balague, a reporter, tweeted today, June 1, 2012 that Jordi Alba and Barcelona have tentatively agreed to a deal. He said, "Jordi Alba has got an agreement with Barcelona, but FCB needs to reach a deal with Valencia."

In order to sign Jordi Alba, Manchester United is going to need to offer him a very generous package. His heart is with Barcelona, but athletes often listen when money is talking. Alex Ferguson may not have had enough available capital to land Eden Hazard, but the GM-Manchester United deal should be sufficient for a Jordi Alba signing.

For Manchester United, Jordi Alba Could be a Key Player

The loss of Eden Hazard last week to Chelsea hurt Manchester United. Shinji Kagawa would have been a great role player beside Eden Hazard, but Shinji Kagawa cannot carry the offense alone. In the coming season, there will be times that Manchester United struggles to score.

If he played for Manchester United, Jordi Alba would not be a great offensive help. However, he would be a wonderful asset on defense. For Manchester United, Jordi Alba could help the team's goal difference this coming year. Manchester United needs Jordi Alba, no matter what the price is.


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