'Skyfall': Listen to Adele's leaked James Bond theme

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A 90-second clip of the 21 crooner's new song, which will be featured in Daniel Craig's new outing as 007, has hit the internet well ahead of a planned release

The song: Skyfall, the latest blockbuster in the James Bond franchise, won't be released in the U.S. until Nov. 9, but now, eager fans can get an early audio sample of the super-spy's upcoming adventure. A portion of "Skyfall," the breathlessly awaited theme song by Bristish songstress Adele, has hit the internet — and earlier than expected. (Listen to "Skyfall" below.) The single was originally slotted for release Thursday evening, but the first 90 seconds leaked days early. "Let the sky fall, when it crumbles, we will stand tall, and face it all together," Adele sings in the clip, which is smoother and jazzier than the rock-infused themes that have featured in Daniel Craig's past 007 films.

The reaction: "Skyfall" is "a Bond song that actually stirs the heart," says Neil McCormick at the Daily Telegraph. Yes, "it's a beautiful ballad that promises to become a Bondian classic," Ajay Chowdhury of the James Bond International Fan Club tells the UK Press Association. "The pairing of singer and film seemed perfect at the outset," says Katey Rich at CinemaBlend, and this clip proves it: The soulful "Skyfall" hearkens back to classic James Bond themes like "Goldfinger," signaling that "the era of 'classic Bond' should be back with a vengeance" when Skyfall hits theaters. Have a listen:

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