Will Smith doesn't want to do sequels; Hints 'I Am Legend 2' is in the works

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Will Smith in Warner Bros. Pictures' I Am Legend - 2007

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Will Smith in Warner Bros. Pictures' I Am Legend - 2007

Will Smith did a recent interview while promoting "Men In Black 3." The actor told BBC News that he didn't want to become a "sequel guy." However, despite that quote, Smith also didn't close the book on repeating performances from his earlier movies.

Two such exceptions are "I Am Legend" and even more adventures in the "Men In Black" series. Smith told the BBC that producers are working on a new "I am Legend" film and "If it's great, I'm into it."

While Smith has not been in a great deal of sequels, here is what he has done and what he might work on if he chooses to do some more in the future.

"Bad Boys"

While Smith broke out in movies with "Six Degrees of Separation," he became a huge star thanks to Michael Bay and "Bad Boys" in 1995. The movie was Bay's contribution to the buddy cop genre, with Smith starring alongside Martin Lawrence. The movie got its sequel eight years later in one of the loudest, biggest guilty pleasures in Bay's career.

"I love making those movies," Smith told iamROGUE.com in May 2012. "It's Miami, the tight T-shirt and fast cars, but just at this point in my career the material has to be right. Just because it's a popcorn movie doesn't mean that you don't have something to say.

"Men In Black"

The second sequel for Smith was the comic book adaptation "Men in Black." The first movie, which introduced Smith as a new operative of the mysterious Men in Black unit, came out in 1997. The first sequel came five years later, a lesser effort than the first, and a third movie hit in 2012, continuing the saga while introducing Josh Brolin as a possible addition for a future installment.

Smith said in the BBC interview that he would still consider another "Men In Black" movie if fans gave a "groundswell of support."

Other Movies

While Smith does not want to be the "sequel guy," there are many movies in his past that are ripe for a sequel. Superhero movies are huge now, so there could be a chance for "Hancock" to develop into new adventures.

In Hollywood, you can rarely believe what a star says. Just because Smith said he does not want to seek out sequels doesn't mean he won't sign on the line if the money is right. He has plenty of options if he chooses to go in that career direction.

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