Will Smith's son questioned Obama about aliens

Wellington, May 17 (ANI): Will Smith was left red-faced when his son Jaden, asked US President Barack Obama about aliens during a visit to the White House. The 'Men in Black' star recalled during an interview on BBC Radio 1 how his family was enjoying a guided tour of the iconic building when Jaden interrupted to find out more about space activity. The actor had specifically told his 13-year-old son not to touch upon the subject and tried to intervene, but Obama took it in good humour. "The night before, Jaden had said to me, 'Dad, I gotta ask the president about the aliens,' and I'm like, 'Dude, no, it's not cool. Do not ask the president!' So we get into the situation room and Jaden gets this look in his eyes and he asks, 'What's my punishment?'" Stuff.co.nz quoted the actor as saying on the radio show. "And Barack is starting [to talk] about this situation room and Jaden says, 'Excuse me Mr. President' and Barack said, 'Don't tell me.' And in perfect form - and this is why he is the president - he stopped and looked at Jaden and said, 'The aliens, right? Okay, I can neither confirm or deny the existence of extraterrestrials, but I can tell you if there had been a top secret meeting, and if there would have been a discussion about it, it would have taken place in this room'," he said.