Storms, Flooding Roll Through Midwest

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Storms, Flooding Roll Through Midwest

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Heavy rain floods roads and property of businesses and homes in Indiana.

ZIONSVILLE, Ind. -- The memories of Midwest droughts of last year have been quickly pushed aside to make room for the next round of extreme weather: rain.

Over the past week, parts of the Midwestern states like Illinois, Indiana and Ohio have seen more than their fair share of rain; often it is enough to flood surrounding residential and commercial areas and cause grief to people like me and make normal tasks like driving more difficult.

As a network service technician, my day-to-day life does not limit me to one area of the city or state; rather, I am required to often drive to a customer who needs assistance getting their business running again. Time and time again, I've come across roads that appear to have simply a puddle across them. But it turns into a canoe trip. The flooding this week is now an obstacle for normal work.

Some of the most noticeable flooding I've run across just this week is in Zionsville, near 96th street and Zionsville Road.

The constant heavy rain had flooded not only the road in front of me, but especially the property of businesses and houses along 96th Street -- so much so that I'm certain the water will stay for perhaps days or weeks. The flooding in that area was so bad that some construction in the area had slowed, and traffic was being haphazardly directed through one lane, making me, certainly as well as others, late for my appointment.

The problems certainly have not and certainly will not end there. One glaring example of another potentially hazardous situation came to me on Wednesday morning.

My third photo may be hazy, and the issue may not be apparent to everyone immediately, but this area has not held water all week until now. In fact, I never see standing water in that area, and I drive by this on my way to work every morning, and I have never seen a buildup of water in that area until today. Should the rain continue, more areas just like this one, will suffer flooding as well.

If anything, the Midwest needed the rain, and the sight of the weather was a welcome sight for spring. But the continued heavy rain may cause more problems in the coming days. Only the weather knows.

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