Stressed Out Over the National Debt

Next Four Years in Photos: What We Want Addressed

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Stressed Out Over the National Debt

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The Author is Stressed Out Over Our National Debt

What one issue should the nation address in the next four years? Yahoo News asked Americans to pinpoint something that affects them or their communities -- alongside a photo that visualizes that issue.

COMMENTARY | The United States is the greatest country in the world. I love it, and it really stresses me out to watch our growing national debt clock. While visiting Spain, I had this picture taken in front of a store as a joke.

But the stress I feel while watching what is going on in our country about our debt crisis is no longer funny. It's frustrating.

My family has learned to stay within a budget. During the past three years of the Obama presidency, the Senate has not even passed a budget. The president says he has a debt reduction plan but his presented budgets received zero legislative votes. Congress and the Senate seem more interested in serving special interest groups than coming up with a specific budget.

My hope for the next four years is that Obama will offer specifics and leadership in spending cuts and the legislature will listen to frustrated Americans like me and offer spending cuts of their own. Maybe we need to set up a telephone voting system like a realty show where our citizens could express where they want specific cuts. Any change might help us avoid future bankruptcy.

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