Strikeforce Contender Ronda Rousey's Best Tweets of the Week (Jan. 14): A Fan's View

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It's just two weeks into the new year, but "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey (4-0) hasn't wasted any time in stirring the proverbial pot with hilarious tweets on topics ranging from Flinstones vitamins to Cristiane Santos' failed drug test, and everything in between.

She set the tone for the 2012 year by tweeting a link to a fantastic YouTube video on Jan. 11, where she says in an interview that "I'm just trying to get everyone a riled up a little bit so everyone stops being so lame."

Rousey goes on to say that women's MMA isn't a Miss America pageant, so fighters shouldn't feel the need to be so politically correct. "That's not what the entertainment business is about," Rousey adds. "It's about starting drama, so I'm doing whatever I can to make it fun to watch."

Here's a guide to the rest of Ronda Rousey's five wackiest tweets of 2012:

On Posing for Playboy

On Jan. 11, a fan asked Rousey via Twitter if she would ever consider posing for Playboy, the iconic men's magazine that has been around for close to 50 years. The fan tweeted "y not playboy? got something to hide? :-)." Rousey responded "yeah, it's called my vajayjay-no one should be able to see it for $5!"

However, earlier in the week, Rousey seemed open to the possibility of posing for Maxim, which features scantily-clad, but not fully nude pictorials. Rousey retweeted a question from a fan with regards to the the issue, and followed it up with a swift response for all to see. Rousey tweeted "@BillCollektr: @RondaRousey would you ever pose for Maxim or mags like that?" maxim, sure, playboy, no."

On Cristiane Santos' Steroid Scandal

Rousey has been one of the harshest critics of Cristiane Santos since it was revealed that the former Strikeforce featherweight champ tested positive for anabolic steroids following her win over Hiroko Yamanaka on Dec. 17, 2011.

On Jan. 11, Rousey retweeted a link to an interview that she did, where she had no qualms about slamming Santos' steroid use. The tweet said "@RondaRousey has no respect for a 'cheater' like Cyborg Santos #UFC #MMA via @MMAmaniaNews."

"I don't have the least bit respect for her because I always knew she was a cheater, and now, everyone else knows too," Rousey said of Santos. "If she ever comes back to fight again, she won't be the same beast she was before. She might even try doing different things like HGH that are harder to get caught for. Who knows if Strikeforce even wants her back?"

Advice From Her Mother

On Jan. 11, Rousey tweeted "Best advice my mom gave me today: 'never read the bottom half of the Internet' #stuffmymomsays."

Rousey was likely referring to the dozens of articles that have been popping up on MMA forums and blogs this month, questioning whether she deserves a title shot against Miesha Tate due to her relative inexperience in the sport. Rousey is taking it all in stride though, as she tweeted Jan. 10 that the drama is in good fun. She said "naw it's fun, everyone's so cool and the haters are easy to make fun of - I have a great job, can't complain."

On Flinstones Vitamins

On Jan. 10, Rousey tweeted "For those who asked,these are the only supplements that I take,& no,it's not a coincidence they're all in gummy form." She enclosed a picture with the tweet, which put on display the various vitamins and supplements she takes. Many fans were asking about it via Twitter after the news broke that Cristiane Santos tested positive for anabolic steroids, so other female fighters immediately came under scrutiny.

Later in the day, Rousey explained via Twitter that "for the last 2 Olympics, I was so paranoid flintstones was all i would take!"

Eric Holden is a lifelong UFC fan and supporter of the sport of mixed martial arts. His favorite fighters are Dan Henderson and Miesha Tate. Follow him on Twitter @ericholden.

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