Stupid Criminals: Man Tries to Rob Taxi Driver, Forgets Own Wallet in the Car

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This is a little self-defeating: A man in Daytona Beach, Florida, was accused of robbing a taxi driver… but got caught because he left his own wallet in the cab after doing the deed, the Huffington Post reports.

It was a crucial mistake in an otherwise well-executed scheme. Terry Smith, a 42-year-old passenger, hailed a taxi last week and told the driver, Marc Bruzzese, that he needed to sit in the front because he felt sick.

The two chatted throughout the ride, and just before Smith was about to leave he swiped the Bruzzese's wallet. Smith didn't succeed: Bruzzese managed to hold onto his wallet and speed away.

That might have been the end of things; Bruzzese wasn't planning on reporting the incident, but then he saw Smith's wallet on the floor.

Police tracked Smith down and charged him with attempted robbery.

Smith certainly isn't the only dumb criminal around.

Earlier this year, a bank robber from Kansas turned himself in-even though he was nearly 1,000 miles away from the scene of the crime, reports.

In July, Kent Anthony Clemens walked into a North Dakota bank, said he had a gun, and demanded that the teller give away every $20 and $50 in her drawer.

He scored about $700 but must have felt some guilt over the heist: Clemens went back to his hometown of Topeka, Kansas, called the police department, and turned himself in.

In fact, Clemens felt so guilty that he was just sitting on his front steps, waiting for the police to handcuff him. When the cops arrive, Clemens apparently told them to arrest him for making a mistake, the article reports.

In Alabama in September, yet another man turned himself in--this time on accident, the Huffington Post tells us.

Well, maybe not exactly on accident. But certainly because he wasn't thinking: Jerry Lee Washington Jr. went to the cops to report damage to his car. Except, the damage was his fault. Washington had stolen a vehicle, then ran over the owner as he fled the scene.

Police, no surprise, arrested Washington as soon as he filed the report. His charges: third-degree burglary, unlawful breaking and entering, and attempted murder.

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