Summer Celeb Hairstyle Trends to Borrow

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The ponytail, showing off your bronzed cheek bones, is the star of summer hair. But it's not just the plain Jane ponytail. Celebs show how to upgrade your ponytail hairstyle for summer. They also have a few other hair tricks that will keep you cool.

Sleek ponytail and fish tail braid - Nicky Hilton combines a sleek top, completely free of fly-aways, with a funky herringbone braid. Dress yours up with a thin ribbon wrapped around the bottom. Rihanna is also a fan of the fish tail braid.

Lock in the wet look - That slick, wet look from the mid-1980s has returned in time for the 2012 Summer Olympics. Except this time the wet look is for both long and short styles, as well as upswept hair. Ashely Olsen can pull it off, and so can you. Add a pair of big, white sunglasses on the top of your head for a complete summer look. Use sculpting gel or smoothing serum to get the wet look.

Tied up in braids - Few hairstyles can keep hair off your face and out of the water as well as braids. Nicole Richie wore her hair in French braids, which where then tied into a messy bun. This would be a great hairstyle for the beach or the pool.

Partial braid - Leave it to Jennifer Aniston to find a way to soften the braid. With many of her hairstyles, hair is usually covering part of her forehead, angled in flattering way. With a braid near her hairline, she takes the hair up and off her face. Anyone with bangs can follow Jennifer's lead and wear this look. The rest of the hair is left natural. It has some waves and some straight strands, allowing the focus to fall on the shimmering blond left behind by the sun (wink, wink).

Twisted sisters - If you can't get those braids to sit just right, try hair twists instead. Jennifer Garner has perfected this look. It works well with your post-beach activities, wrap skirt and stylish cover up.

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