'Superstorm' Sandy Hit Northeast PA

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'Superstorm' Sandy Hit Northeast PA

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'Superstorm' Sandy Hit Northeast PA

FIRST PERSON | The rain was not nearly as bad as the weathermen predicted here in northeast Pennsylvania last night and my basement stayed completely dry.

Sandy's winds were another story. They were incredible, sounding like a tornado was going on outside my bedroom window all night long with a ton of banging from whatever people left out on their porch or yard. The winds were so wild it picked up my children's 40-pound playhouse and tossed it like a toy. The best part of the whole storm for us was that my two children, 4 and 1, slept through it all.

My wife and I however, waited patiently as it seemed like at any moment the house would be blown away to Canada. When we woke up this morning, we thought we were lucky and got out of the storm without damage but our rain gutters had different ideas (as the picture shows).

After watching the news and seeing what Atlantic City and New York City are going through, we were very lucky to have rain gutters be our only damage. Prayers to all our friends truly affected by this storm.

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