Support for Sen. Lindsey Graham’s Vow to Break No-tax Increase Promise

Compromise, Not a Stubborn Resolve, Will Avoid the Fiscal Cliff

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Woven into the story of the fiscal cliff fight is Grover Norquist's anti-tax pledge that many congressional Republicans have signed, promising not to agree to tax hikes. But do constituents want their representatives to compromise or stick to their vows? Here's one voter's take.

COMMENTARY | Without compromise, we can wave goodbye to democracy in the United States and welcome an oligarchy consisting of the top few percent of the wealthy and powerful.

The United States was founded on compromise (e.g., the Missouri Compromise, the Compromise of 1850, etc.) with the greatest compromise of all being the U.S. Constitution. If politicians refuse to compromise before the end of December, our county will plummet over a fiscal cliff that will be devastating for every citizen, including the few who are unwilling to compromise.

This is why I was excited to discover that at least one of my representatives in Congress has stated he will "violate the pledge, long story short, for the good of the country."

Living in the conservative buckle of the southern Bible Belt known as South Carolina, I assumed my representatives who signed the Norquist pledge would stubbornly refuse to compromise. However, Sen. Lindsey Graham has bravely acknowledged that Republicans should do what is best for the country even if that means bringing revenue to the table. Of course, he also demands that Democrats actually cut spending and enact entitlement reforms.

I support Sen. Graham even though some will claim he is breaking his promise not to raise taxes and is therefore not trustworthy. I believe he is a true leader, one who is willing to admit when a course of action is failing and willing to lead in a new direction rather than follow the herd over the cliff.

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