Supreme Court OKs seizure of repeated drunk driver's truck in Quebec case

Associated Press

OTTAWA - The Supreme Court of Canada says the Crown can seize a vehicle belonging to a repeat drunk driver, overturning a lower court ruling.

The justices have ruled 7-0 that the judge in the Quebec case was wrong to deny a forfeiture order against Alphide Manning after he pleaded guilty to two impaired driving charges.

The trial judge denied the Crown's motion to seize the truck Manning was driving when he was arrested, saying that would be a disproportionate penalty.

Manning was sentenced to 12 months on one charge and five months on the other.

The justices say the judge failed to give appropriate weight to the accused's criminal record, which includes five convictions for alcohol-related driving offences.

The ruling comes as the Quebec government is looking to crack down on drunk driving by making seizures of vehicles routine.

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