New T-Mobile plans estimated to save up to $290 per year for individual subscribers
T-Mobile Annual Savings

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Whatever you think of T-Mobile’s coverage and overall network quality, it seems that their new “UNcarrier” smartphone plans will definitely be significant money savers for individual subscribers. 9to5Mac points us to a new estimate from mobile accessory retailer Zagg showing that T-Mobile’s new individual plans will save users an average of around $290 per year compared to what they’d pay on comparable plans on AT&T (T) and Verizon (VZ).

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The Verge ran a similar analysis and found that T-Mobile’s new plans will save individual $170 a year compared to what they’d pay on Verizon and $290 compared to what they’d pay on AT&T and Sprint (S). The Verge did find that things got more complicated when talking about shared data plans and family plans, however, as T-Mobile’s new shared plans for two subscribers were found to cost slightly more than AT&T and Verizon’s comparable plans while its new shared plans for four users cost $250 more annually than a comparable Verizon plan and $160 more annually than a comparable AT&T plan.

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