• The world’s most innovative smartphone is now just $299 unlocked

    The brand new LG G5 might have a nifty modular design that we've never seen before on a smartphone, but how useful is it really? And to make things worse, there aren't really any good modules available yet, so it's basically just an overly complex removable battery. If you want to see real…

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  • Amazon gives you yet another reason to join Prime Now

    If you’re not an  Amazon Prime subscriber yet, in spite of all the perks Amazon’s service has to offer , then there’s one more thing you need to check out. The retailer has launched a dedicated site for its Prime Now same-day delivery service called  that is available both on desktop…

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  • Apple gets Google X lab co-founder for health projects

    Apple confirmed Tuesday that it has hired robotics star and Google X lab co-founder Yoky Matsuoka to work on health projects. Matsuoka, a winner of the MacArthur genius award, last year left her job as a vice president at Google-owned Nest. Matsuoka will answer to Apple chief operating officer Jeff…

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  • Tim Cook Speaks: 3 Critical Insights from Apple, Inc.'s Earnings Call

    Golden nuggets from Apple's earnings call speak volumes. Here's what investors absolutely shouldn't miss.

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  • He Couldn’t Repress His Longing Any Further #ShortFilm

    This article He Couldn’t Repress His Longing Any Further appeared first on Viddsee BUZZ. A picture sends Yi-Gun on a hunt for the truth. In it, her uncle, Chen Dong, stands rigidly in front of a motel door. She’s curious, eager to unravel the threads of time and memory to uncover more about the…

  • Opera’s ad blocker comes to its stable release channel and Opera Mini for Android

    Opera today announced that its built-in ad blocker, which was previously only available in the experimental developer release channel, is now coming to all of its desktop users. In addition, it is now also bringing this same feature to mobile, starting with Opera Mini for Android.While ad blocking…

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    7 Tools To Get You Unstuck in Sand, Snow, or Mud (8 photos)

    Whether you're an avid off-roader or slightly adventurous road tripper, everyone is bound to get stuck in sand or mud at some point. These tools can help extricate you from the mire—as long as you remember to bring them. ​ From Popular Mechanics

    Popular Mechanics
  • Is Apple Watch a failure? Listen to the debate (Video)

    At home, the TV in my office has an Apple TV -- and it was the primary streaming device on my main TV until I had to get a Roku to watch Sling TV as a cord-cutting measure. The one big Apple thing I don't have? The question comes as we approach the one-year anniversary of the Apple Watch.

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  • Brazilian court restores WhatsApp service after blackout order

    A Brazilian judge has overturned the country's blackout of the WhatsApp texting service, restoring service to over 100 million people in the country. The reversal comes just one day into the mandated blackout period, which was initially scheduled to last for 72 hours. The blackout order…

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  • Don't stop now! The Polar Running Program helps you train for a marathon

    If you’re training for a marathon or another long-distance run, it’s often useful to have a personalized trainer — of either the human or software variety. Unfortunately, while plenty of fitness trackers on the market offer guidance, few of them tailor their suggestions to your needs and your…

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  • Here’s what Uber really thinks about surge pricing — and no, they’re not killing it entirely

    Uber is denying an NPR report from earlier today that described the company’s plans to eliminate its controversial surge pricing technique. NPR interviewed a top Uber engineer and noted that “killing surge rates is top of the list” for the company’s short-term priorities. But in a statement sent to…

  • LiveMap – The Next Big Hi-Tech Helmet?

    LiveMap – The Next Big Hi-Tech Helmet? Following my recent first impressions article on the SKULLY AR-1 , I was contacted by Andrew Artishchev, founder and CEO of Livemap helmets. He wanted to show me a second prototype of the Livemap helmet -- and I was

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    Autonomous Robotic Surgery Takes a Step Forward

    Some surgical operations could in the future be performed by robots without the need for human intervention. Researchers in the U.S. say they have taken a step in this direction after a supervised autonomous robot successfully performed soft tissue surgery on a pig’s bowel. Dipti Kapadia reports.…

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  • Under Armour's Footwear Sales Still Have Plenty of Room to Run

    Basketball shoes took the focus of the recent Q1 earnings, but new developments in running, golf, and other categories will all work together to ensure there's plenty of growth opportunity left for UA footwear.

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  • FitBit Drops 7%: Will 'Blaze,' 'Alta' Come Through? Is It Enough?

    A lot of the focus will be on recently released “Blaze” and “Alta” devices, following comments by the company at the end of March that it had strong early response to the devices. Wittine thinks bears are banking hard on shortfall in Blaze and Alta, but that they’re wrong: Bears' fears that FIT's…
  • You’ll be able to pick up an Oculus Rift in US stores this weekend

    If you’ve preordered an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and it hasn’t shown up yet, the company has a new idea for you: Cancel your order and go wait in line for one. Facebook’s Oculus Rift headset will be available at certain Best Buy electronics stores around the US on May 7, the company…

  • Apple loses Chinese lawsuit over iPhone name

    BEIJING (AP) — Apple Inc. has lost a legal fight with a Chinese company that a Beijing court says is allowed to use the iPhone name on wallets and handbags.

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  • Giphy launches an iOS keyboard with quick access to GIFs

    Giphy's one and only reason for existing is delivering you GIFs, and now it's reaching a new peak in convenience by placing GIF access right on the iPhone's keyboard. The problem with Giphy Keys is basically the problem with all other iOS keyboards: it still doesn't feel as natural as the default…

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  • Amazon patent scans hands to stop your kid from deleting your augmented reality work

    Ever since Minority Report, techies have dreamed of a UI built on hand gestures. The problem: everyone’s hands are different, including children. Such interfaces necessarily need to accommodate different scales, so Amazon wants to scan your hands and determine your age. Lab126, the Amazon division…

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  • How Was Verizon Fios’s Revenue Growth in 1Q16?

    Verizon Fios's revenue growth continued to slow in 1Q16. Fios revenue rose by ~5% year-over-year to ~$3.5 billion in 1Q16.

    Market Realist