• Phone data can predict infectious disease outbreaks

    A team of Princeton and Harvard researchers analyzed the phone call records of 15 million users in Kenya -- not to spy on people, but to study the spread of seasonal disease. The team wanted to see if ...

  • Graduated From An Engineering Bootcamp? Now What?

    While hip hop may have ‘too many mc’s and not enough mics,’ in tech, there are too many startups and not enough seasoned technologists. Over the last seven years, hopeful entrepreneurs have flooded the market, looking to cut their teeth in the hopes of building the next billion-dollar business.Many…

  • To stop next Spam King, Facebook program helps firms share security info

    The company's ThreatExchange program hopes to break longstanding barriers to companies talking about the cybersecurity threats they face. Early indications show they're willing to play along.

  • 3 lessons IBM's Watson can teach us about our brains' biases

    What can artificial intelligence teach us about human intelligence? Quite a bit, it turns out. IBM's Watson had its crowning moment back in 2011 when the cognitive computing system famously destroyed its ...

  • Pairings from the 2015 Summer Fancy Food Show

    Once again this summer, hundreds of vendors from around the world descended on New York City to introduce buyers, media, and other people from the food and beverage trade to their wares. This time, Argentine wines were missing in action. But once again, there were some delicious items for…

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  • Magid: Damaged MacBook Air finds a happy ending

    I spent $249 on a three-year AppleCare policy when I bought the machine back in 2013, knowing that it didn't cover accidental damage, but I brought it to Apple anyway after the spill, hoping they might ...

    San Jose Mercury News
  • The SaaS Success Database

    What does it take to build a billion-dollar SaaS enterprise-software company? We gave a 30,000-foot answer to this complex — and fascinating — question in a recent TechCrunch post, The SaaS Adventure.To recap: We’ve observed seven key phases in most SaaS companies’ go-to-market success. Most of the…

  • Intel camera gives robots 3D vision

    Bot-maker Savioke announces an open-source wrapper for Intel's RealSense Camera, adding another low-cost 3D sensing solution to the roboticist's toolkit.

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    Where Will Google Fiber Go Next?

    Google fiber, the exciting technology that massively increases download speeds, has already come to three cities in the US. Here’s where it’s coming next.

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  • Bringing virtual reality to Burning Man

    The VR camp at the festival will boast demo stations showcasing the latest hardware and software as well as animated narrative films and 360-degree music videos.

  • BMW Gesture Control Walkthrough: Video

    If voice commands, touchscreen controls, a central dial, and steering wheel buttons aren't enough, BMW will soon have a new way to control the features of your infotainment system. With the release of the 2016 7-Series in October, BMW will debut its new Gesture Control feature. Gesture Control…

  • HTC's Peter Chou joins visual effects firm behind 'Iron Man 3'

    No, Peter Chou isn't leaving HTC. As the company is gearing up to launch its virtual reality platform (and another flagship phone) later this year, the co-founder has decided to pick up a second role at ...

  • Why You Always End Up Paying Too Much For In-Flight WiFi

    Surfing the Internet while flying used to feel like a modern miracle. But in the decade since airlines first began rolling out the service, we've come to expect that most flights will have some kind of web access. Checking email, Facebook and Twitter from the air has begun to feel like an essential…

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  • Construction drones can keep track of progress and lazy workers

    Cameras that keep an eye on construction sites aren't anything new, but the folks in charge of building the new Sacramento Kings stadium in California are using something a bit more high-tech than usual. ...

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    3 Apple iphone Rumours: Which Should We Believe?

    Apple’s confirmed launch of the new iPhone September 9 reignited the rampant speculation about what features and updates users can expect with the new model. The Motley Fool’s Dylan Lewis and Michael Douglass sort through three of the biggest rumors and try to get to the truth.

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  • Linkage: Protected Bikeway Coming to C St. NE; Purple Line Funds

    · Black Lives Matter organizers against proposed police agenda · How you will use your phone to ride the D.C. streetcar · Pro-transit group says D.C. traffic report was flawed · Hogan letter says county funding in place for...

    Curbed DC
  • Jim Cramer Says Steer Clear of Fitbit, Stay Away From SunEdison

    TheStreet's Jim Cramer answers viewers' Twitter questions on Fitbit (FIT), SunEdison (SUNE) Verifone (PAY), Yelp (YELP) and whether oil stocks will continue to take a hit.
  • Netflix Partnering With Softbank for Japan Launch

    Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) wants to expand its service around the world, and it has set its sights on Japan as the next country to be conquered by the streaming-video service. Unlike most of its markets, however, ...

  • Twitter sets public goals for increasing diversity in its workforce

    Twitter today made public its hiring goals for increasing diversity in its workplace, committing to increasing the number of women and minorities on its staff and encouraging the world to hold it accountable. "We want the makeup of our company to reflect the vast range of people who use Twitter,"…

    The Verge