Ted Cruz Speaks Out on the Economy, Immigration, and Hispanic Outreach

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Senator-elect Ted Cruz, R-Texas, appeared on "On the Record," and had a conversation with the show's host, Greta Van Susteren, on a variety of subjects, including immigration, the economy, and the Republican Party's difficulty getting Hispanic votes.

Cruz reiterates his views on fixing the economy

During his appearance, Cruz restated his views on how the moribund American economy might be fixed. His prescription including cutting spending and the debt, reforming taxes and regulations, all of which he says will help foster economic growth and thus get people back to work.

Cruz: Senate Democrats are being irresponsible

Cruz went on to accuse Senate Democrats, especially Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, of being irresponsible. The Senate, under Democratic control, has not passed an actual budget in years. This, in Cruz's view, has led to profligate spending.

Cruz on immigration and Hispanic outreach

Cruz expressed the belief that Republican problems attracting more Hispanic voters is a matter of communication and tone. He believes that American Hispanics are a natural conservative voting bloc, but have been turned off of the GOP due to its rhetoric on the immigration issue. He notes that the economy and jobs are polled as being more important to Hispanics than immigration and that one in 10 Hispanic households own small businesses. He also noted that while Democrats have been able to elect Hispanics as mayors or members of the House, they have a difficulty electing them to statewide offices. Susanna Martinez and Brian Sandoval, both governors, and Marco Rubio and Cruz himself, both Senators, are examples of Republican Hispanics who have been elected to statewide offices, thus exhibiting a broad appeal.

Cruz seen as an example of tea party strength

Policymic suggests that Cruz's victory over an establishment Republican, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, in the Republican primaries in Texas represents the continuing strength of the tea party. The piece suggests that Cruz's victory could serve as a model for Republican, tea party-supported Hispanics running in other races.

Hispanic vote went to Barack Obama

Fox News Latino suggests that the Hispanic vote went overwhelmingly to Barack Obama because the Democrats succeeded in painting the Republicans and Mitt Romney as being hostile to immigrants and Hispanics. Romney had taken a hard line on immigration as a means to appeal to the conservative base. His attempt to woo Hispanics on economic issues seem to have fallen on deaf ears. Obama won the Hispanic vote 72 percent to 23 percent, which may have also contributed to the Democrats retaining control of the Senate.

Texas resident Mark Whittington writes about state issues for the Yahoo! Contributor Network.

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