Texas Rangers' Fan Gaining National Attention: Fan View

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A lot of teams have those quirky fans that seem to get a lot more attention than the average-Joe ticket buyer. There's the guys in Toronto that dress as umpires and sit behind home plate. Then there's the guy who dresses as the rally monkey at Angels games. And for the past couple of years in Texas fans have come to know Trent Williams. Oh, sorry he's the "Greene's Hill" kid, the young fan who appears to catch every single home run hit to centerfield at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. He's also become better known for the dances he does afterwards such as the "worm" he did just last week. In case you missed it you can watch it here. He has also become nationally recognized as his catches and dances have been featured on ESPN and MLB Network. I decided to interview Trent to let fans know more about him. And since it is baseball I asked nine questions.

1. Me: You're known as the Greene's Hill "kid" but how old are you?

Trent: "I'm 18."

2. Me: How many years have you had season tickets?

Trent: "Three years."

3. Me: How many home run balls have you caught?

Trent: "I have caught twelve. I have caught six Rangers balls and six of the other teams' balls."

4. Me: You tweeted on Saturday (June 23rd) that you wished the TV broadcast had shown you giving a ball to a kid. How many of the balls have you kept?

Trent: "I have only kept three balls and they are from last year."

5. Me: You've done the "sprinkler" and the "worm." Are there any other dances to look forward to? Maybe the "cabbage patch"?

Trent: "Well I did the "cabbage patch" last year but I'm thinking of doing the Michael Jackson "Thriller" dance."

6. Me: Have you met any of the players?

Trent: "Not really like shook their hand but I have met Josh (Hamilton) and Yu (Darvish). But most of the players know who I am."

7. Me: You obviously have a good glove, any plans on a baseball career? And do you happen to hit right-handed? (Yes I am pointing out the fact that

Texas needs a right-handed outfielder)

Trent: "Well actually I play hockey not baseball and I do all this stuff at the Rangers games as a hobby."

8. Me: Has all this fame brought you any attention from female admirers?

Trent:" Haha! Not really."

9. Me: And finally is (Fox Sports Southwest host) Jim Knox as obnoxious in person?

Trent: "No he's a really good guy. He's just really up-tempo."

I would like to thank Trent for taking the time out to do this. There's no telling when his fifteen minutes will be up but until then he is going to continue to receive attention and you can follow him on Twitter @greenhillkid.

Until next time, I'll see you in the cheap seats!

James Holland is a lifelong fan of baseball and his hometown Texas Rangers. He is also a senior columnist for shutdowninning.com, clawandantlernation.com and a member of SABR. You can also follow him on Twitter @SDIJamesHolland.




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