Texting While You Drive is Illegal for a Reason

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Adults are more likely than teens to admit to texting while driving, according to a recent AT&T survey. Yahoo asked adult drivers: Have you texted while driving? Here's one anecdote and perspective.

COMMENTARY | I believe that part of the reason why people text while driving is that it seems easy and safe to do.

A Virginia driver in my 40s, I've made this mistake -- once. On a six-hour road trip to visit my daughters, they had sent me several texts asking the proverbial question, "Are you here yet?" I was annoyed by the sound alerting me to their texts. I thought it would be easy and safe to type out a quick one word reply, "No."

I felt a jarring vibration as I typed, "No." When I looked up, I saw that I had swerved out of my lane and narrowly missed a tractor trailer as I crossed into the next lane and was now straddling the road and grassy median at a rate of about 70 miles an hour on this busy interstate.

Thankfully I didn't have to wreck before I learned a valuable lesson -- that no text is short enough to be sent safely while driving.

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