Thanks for the All the Politics!

A Thanksgiving Holiday Round-Up

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COMMENTARY | Around tables all across our nation, people will be giving thanks for their family, their food, their good fortune and everything else they feel thankful for. In honor of the holiday, I want to give thanks to America's political class. They frequently disappoint is, upset us and let us down. They also inspire us and help us (maybe less frequently). But they always manage to hold our attention, for good or ill.

First and foremost, we must give thanks to all of the GOP Presidential Primary candidates as a whole. Without all of you, Fox, CNN, MSNBC, Current, the network news shows, the Daily Show, the Colbert Report and every late-night and stand-up comedian in the country would have far less material to work with.

Thank you to President Barack Obama, who is doing his part to give our country basketball during the NBA lockout.

Thanks to Ann Coulter, for blurting out whatever pops into her head. And then not knowing when to stop talking.

Thank you to former Rep. Anthony Weiner, for reminding the country that Republicans don't have an exclusive lock on sex scandals.

And thank you to Gov. Schwarzenegger, for reminding the country that Democrats don't have an exclusive lock on sex scandals, either.

A special thank you to Keith Olbermann, for coming back to TV. Love him or hate him, he's going to make sure you know what he thinks.

Thanks have to go out to Gov. Rick Perry, for the single most impressive gaffe in the history of presidential politics. And the general campaign hasn't started yet!

Thank you to former Democratic candidate John Edwards, for giving all American men an out with their girlfriends, wives and partners, "At least I'm not THAT GUY."

Thank you to Rep. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, for never being afraid to say things exactly as he sees it.

A million thank-yous to Sarah Palin for not running for president. Because she didn't run, Michele Bachmann did. And Bachmann is the gift that keeps on giving!

Thank you to the super committee, for surprising absolutely no one and not getting a deal done. This ensures we can argue about balancing the budget again next year!

Thank you to Glenn Beck for going back to radio. Love him or hate him, he's also going to make sure you know what he thinks. And radio is much better suited for him.

And an extra special thank you to John Stewart, for poking fun at Beck in the best way possible. Imitation.

And finally, we should all be thankful that we have our politicians. However you feel about them, or the job they are doing we're lucky to live in a country where all of them are allowed to think and say what they do, and we're allowed to yell at them for it. Happy Thanksgiving one and all.

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