Take TheBlaze Gun Poll on Background Checks, Mental Health Exclusions and More

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On Thursday, the U.S. Senate moved past any threats to filibuster the latest proposed gun control bill. Now the debates on the finer points of the legislation will begin on the floor, ultimately resulting in what President Obama wants - "an up or down vote" on the bill.

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Take TheBlaze Gun Poll On Background Checks, Mental Health Exclusions And More


US Vice President Joe Biden shows a background check form as he delivers remarks to call on Congress to 'pass common-sense measures to reduce gun violence." Image: AFP/Getty

This movement in the Senate today follows Wednesday's news that key Senators had come to agreement on wording in the bill as it relates to background checks. And as it was pointed out in TheBlaze story on the background check breakthrough, no matter what happens in the Senate, there is still a great possibility that any gun control bill could languish in the House.

With all of the attention focused on the topic of gun control, we wanted to know more about your feelings on the topic of the proposed changes to the Second Amendment. We invite you to participate in our latest poll on the Senate gun bill. You are also welcome to propose questions of your own (we reserve the right to approve or reject any question).

TheBlaze will breakdown the results and post an analysis of your opinions on this important topic on Monday.

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