Top 10 Pinterest Pins This Week

Top 10 Pinterest Pins This Week

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1. A Surreal Underwater Bedroom in the Maldives


"A Magical Proposal // Harry Potter Wedding Proposal"

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Our pins will brighten up your day with beautiful photos and refreshing ideas.

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Each week Pinterest brings us an array of wonderful images and tips, and we choose 10 to share with you. One of the things is known for is its helpful tips and craft ideas. From a pin that will change the way you set up your home electronics, to a pin that shares a handy eye-brightening Photoshop tip, we hope these pins add to your Pinterest experience.

In addition to tips and recipes, there is no shortage of gorgeous imagery in this week's top 10 pins. There is a gorgeous shot of Nordic fog from Pinterest power-user Jennifer Chong and a photo of a gamer/movie-lover's comfy paradise.

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We collect our weekly top 10 to share with you the pins we enjoyed from the visual network this past week. Everyone's Pinterest experience is different and revoles around their own personal interests, but we hope our pins provide a diving-in point to the vast sea of Pinterest. What were your favorite pins this past week?

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1. A Surreal Underwater Bedroom in the Maldives

"Cool hotel rooms" - (At )

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