Top 10: The Ten Cheapest Properties for Sale Right Now in the Sunset

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[Bounds defined by Redfin, y'all.]
With the recent news of the Sunset District Blueprint—which if it's (ever!) adopted would bring upwards of 1,000 new homes to the neighborhood—we got curious about current housing prices in the Sunset. Unlike last week's one-night stand with the one-bed condos of the Mission, today's Sunset tour features mostly single-family homes, the teensiest of which is a two-bedroom, with quite a few three- and four-beds (plus one fiver). If you're spoiled by the artfully staged photos of Pac Heights Victorians and flipper-baiting Edwardians in Noe, you won't see many Carrara countertops and starburst mirrors here—or even many photos at all—but here the prices per square foot hover around the $500 mark. So a break from photoporn and have a look around the world of numeric titillation!

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