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Top 100 Brands on Google+ Have a Total Audience of 23 Million

Top 100 Brands on Google+ Have a Total Audience of 23 Million

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Google+ Brand Page Adoption

A year after Google began letting brands create profiles on Google+, the top 100 brands have an aggregate of 23.2 million fans, according to one researcher.

That's a big jump over just 1.1 million in December 2011, but still less than the total Facebook following of several brands including Coca-Cola, Disney, Converse and Starbucks. At 23.7 million, Skittles has more Facebook fans than all the top 100 brands on G+.

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The figures, compiled by Simply Measured and based on Interbrand's Top 100 Best Global Brands list, show some big gains for G+ but also some reasons for concern. Brand adoption, for instance, has grown from 64% six months ago to 72% now. Brands with more than 5,000 people in their Circles now make up 44% of the list compared to 35% six months ago. Twenty-five percent of brands have more than 100,000 people in their Circles vs. 22% back in May.

However, while engagement -- measured by +1s, comments and reshares -- is up overall, the number of brands that post three times per week is down to 33% vs. 43% six months ago.

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A Google rep declined comment on the report.

Google+ Brand Page Adoption

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