Top 5 Bad Hair Habits All Female Athletes Need to Break

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Healthy Hair and Strong Nails

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Healthy Hair and Strong Nails

As an athlete with curly hair, I am interested in ways to enrich, enhance, and make my mane become more manageable and healthy as can be. With many trial and errors, successes, and expertise of maintaining my own hair, I understand that taking care of hair is an art. It takes the right hair products, nutrients, and environment to maintain and grow beautiful, shiny, healthy hair.

There are five hair habits that all female athletes need to break:

Using Shampoo with Sodium Laureth Sulfate: Sodium Laureth Sulfate is a common ingredient in most soaps, detergents, and shampoos. Sodium Laureth Sulfate is a harsh irritant that causes damage to hair follicles, drying of the scalp and hair (promoting hair breakage), and tangles in hair. Instead of using shampoo with harsh irritants, use vegan cleansing products, which are free of sodium laureth sulfate. Nature's Gate has many vegan products and their line of shampoo works wonders in cleansing hair gently and effectively without sodium laureth sulfates.

Not Consuming Important Nutrients: As an athlete, you know that consuming the proper nutrients is important for your body to stay healthy and strong. If you are not going to take care of your hair from the inside, then it will show on the outside. Your hair needs important vitamins and minerals in order to be strong, shiny and healthy. Vitamins A, B, and C are great for promoting hair health, and also minerals such as iodine, silica, zinc and iron are important to nourish your hair from the inside, out. A hair, skin, and nails vitamin will work wonders to obtain optimal nutrients that your body and hair lack.

Using Elastic Hair Ties With Metal Pieces: When you use a hair tie with metal pieces, you are increasing the risk of damaging your hair. Metal pieces in hair ties "snag" the hair, causing breakage.

Brushing Hair When Wet: You hair is at its most delicate state when it is wet. Brushing hair when wet is a serious no-no. Instead of using a brush when your hair is wet, use a wide tooth comb. By using a wide tooth comb, you will be removing tangles in the hair while also causing less breakage to the hair.

Using Cotton Pillow Cases: Cotton pillow cases will suck the moisture out of your hair, resulting in dry, brittle hair and breakage. Satin pillow cases helps hair retain moisture, promoting shine and help prevent breakage.

If you're a female athlete, then you know that every part of your body needs to be healthy from the inside, out. If you are guilty of these five bad hair habits, then you should consider breaking them. After all, beautiful, shiny, healthy hair looks a lot better than damaged, dull, unhealthy hair.

Heather M. Johnson-Emerson is an amateur NPC bikini competitor and is also an aerobics instructor. For more health and fitness articles, visit Heather M. Johnson-Emerson's contributor page.

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