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Gmail Now Plays Classic AOL ‘You’ve Got Mail’ Sound

We'd like to suggest Morgan Freeman (aka the voice of God) and Ellen DeGeneres as Dory. Thanks for the tip, Steven Waters.

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Facebook gaffes, computer-generated meat and vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan certainly got Mashable readers talking this week.

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A story about 20 of the things your most annoying friends do on Facebook provoked readers to come up with their own social-media pet peeves, while others defended their right to practice "vaguebooking." Regardless of their stance, Facebook gaffes became a hot topic for debate.

The idea of 3D-printed meat, on the other hand, was met with ambivalence and jokes of "tasting like cardboard." While the technology is expected to reduce the meat industry's carbon footprint, commenters greeted the news with skepticism.

Speaking of skeptics, a few British commenters didn't seem too happy with the design of Google's UK headquarters, which are plastered with the Union Jack.

Nostalgia was another common theme for the week. Ever feel like jumping back to the '90s to hear that "You've got mail?" There's a Chrome extension on Gmail for that. Does watching Back to the Future make you wish you owned a DeLorean? Matthew Riese can do better than that -- he made a DeLorean hovercraft.

Lastly, Paul Ryan seems set to overtake President Barack Obama as the most digitally engaged candidate, but will he sustain his online popularity throughout the campaign? Readers are still on the fence.

What was the most attention-grabbing news for you this week? Let us know in the comments.

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