Top iPad apps: Draw Something Free keeps topping charts

"Draw Something Free" iPad app

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"Draw Something Free" iPad app

The Pictionary-like drawing game Draw Something Free is at the top of charts in the US, the UK and Canada. People who are already hooked on the chart-topping game are encouraging their friends to download the app so they can chalenge them to a draw-off. Details of this and other top free iPad applications by country* for the week, by number of downloads, recorded on March 19 can be found below.

01. USA
Draw Something Free (games)
This app is the free version of the popular Draw Something, which combines art and social networking by allowing users to draw images of their choice and then challenge friends on Draw Something to guess what the object is.

02. UK
Draw Something Free (games)
See ‘Draw Something Free'

03. France
Des Chiffres & Lettres (games)
Des Chiffres & Lettres (“Numbers & Letters” in English) is the official app of the French TV show of the same name. It aims to test players’ vocabulary and math skills. The game features three modes: one for training, one for competing against other online players and a duo mode for playing against friends and family.

04. Canada
Draw Something Free (games)
See ‘Draw Something Free'

05. Japan
e食材辞典 for iPad (lifestyle)
e食材辞典 for iPad ("E-ingredients dictionary for iPad” in English) is a cooking dictionary and recipe book built for the iPad. The app features more than 3,400 video-based recipes and helps users identify fresh and seasonal produce for their meals. It features step-by-step cooking instructions, daily recipe plans, and tips on how to shop for healthier eating.

06. Australia
Charge Your Brain HD (games)
Based on the concept of brain training, Charge Your Brain HD is a series of mini games that test your logic, improve your response speed, and get you practicing your mathematics skills. Players can earn achievements across three difficulty levels and see how they fare against their friends with full support for Apple’s Game Center.

07. Germany
Gold Rush Classic (games)
Players race to build a train track and collect pieces of gold in this strategy game. Before the clock runs out Gold Rush Classic players must construct a working train track by matching individual track pieces. If the train runs out of track it will crash and the game is over.

08. China
人人怒海争锋HD (games)
The sea battle adventure game 人人怒海争锋HD (“Everyone Master and Commander HD” in English) encourages players to pillage, loot and to fearlessly command a naval fleet. Using a variety of military weapons, players launch attacks on rivals to get their dirty hands on hidden pirate treasure.

09. Italy
Sky Go (entertainment)
This free iPad application enables Sky subscribers to watch Sky content, including football, in real time on their iPad.

10.   Korea **
«음악 무료 다운로더» - 음악을 무료로 다운로드하고 들으세요 -
Free Music Download Pro (music)
This app enables users to download free and legal music and music videos on their i-device. It provides access to thousands of tracks, a built-in web browser and a download manager that also lets you move, rename and delete files.

*The countries listed are those markets in which the most iOS devices have been sold worldwide. The list of top ten countries is based on Admob's April 2010 estimate of the worldwide iOS User Distribution.

** Due to regulations on application classification there is no 'games' category in the Korean iTunes store.

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