How a Top Republican Convinces this Voter that Hillary is a Top Choice

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A Marist poll released Wednesday indicates that Hillary Clinton is the clear frontrunner for the Democratic nomination in 2016, and that there is a very crowded and tight field among Republicans. Yahoo asked voters: Which candidate are you backing and why? Here's one perspective.

COMMENTARY | On Tuesday, in San Francisco, I heard former Secretary of State George P. Schultz, now 92, address a small audience about his experience in top-level government and diplomacy, from Dwight D. Eisenhower's White House to his current fellowship on energy at Stanford's Hoover Institution.

There were some very clear takeaways voiced by this sharp-as-a-tack diplomat whose vast skills and experience make him a national treasure. Schultz's new book, "Issues On My Mind," contains more broad-based logic that got me to thinking about the enormous across-the-aisle gaps our domestic politics suffers these days.

One point made by Schultz concerns support for citizens in so-called Arab Spring nations choosing to take up the American-crafted experiment in democracy following 20th century dictatorships. The message from the USA, which Schultz recommends is, "We're here for you," but cautions, "let's put no more American boots on the ground." On climate change, I quote Shultz, "The climate is changing. It's a very real problem. Just where do these people who think it isn't happening live?"

As John McCain is calling for war in Syria and John Boehner's refrain includes denials of climate change, Democrats and level-headed Republicans alike may find in Hillary Clinton a sensible, experienced diplomat not so different from the distinguished Republican strategist, George Schultz. We need diplomatic guidance through the minefields of potential nuclear proliferation, the challenges of developing new forms of energy, of shifting demographics and climate change, and of the information age itself. As Schultz says, "This is a world awash in change," and we sorely need "the A-team." No one on the current list of Republican hopefuls remotely qualifies on the international stage.

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