Tornado Coverage and a Country Hard Up for Miracles

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COMMENTARY | Judging from the popularity of the news articles, I would guess I was one of many who was hoping for a miracle with the story of the baby who was found in a field after last week's tornadoes in the Midwest and South. Baby Angel Babcock's plight summed up what is an unimaginable tragedy: Entire towns destroyed by something beyond anyone's control. Innocent people caught in the destruction. Families torn apart.

And again, there is the story of Stephanie Decker, the mom from Kentucky who, according to ABC News, lost her legs after shielding her young children from the tornado's destruction. I have no doubt Decker did what many parents did on that day of awful storms: She looked out for her kids. It's what parents do. What they're willing to sacrifice in chaos, and it's heartening to remember that with Decker's story.

I think these stories make such an impact not because the actions that were taken were unexpected and abnormal but because we so desperately need a miracle. A hero. In a society filled to the brim with political back and forth, with angry ads and broken promises, it can make the discovery of one small child that much more amazing. It can make a mother's instinct that much more heroic. The negative and somewhat flippant news stories may take the stage much of the time, but do you remember those day to day rantings?

What I remember of the news over my lifetime were the human stories. Baby Jessica and, decades later, the Chilean miners. The Katrina rescues, the tsunami rescues, the tornado rescues. The 9/11 rescues. The times when people said that life was worth having and worth saving. The times when they stood together, singing.

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