Storms on All Sides in Dallas

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FIRST PERSON | DALLAS -- I decided to take a late lunch today. The day had been particularly slow, so I decided I'd rather have a short afternoon. I work at Dallas Baptist University and was walking to the other side of campus as the sirens began to go off. It was incredible to see that the students walking on campus were not concerned. I wondered if this was a naive sense of invincibility or simply the result of living in the middle of tornado alley.

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I'm no stranger to tornado warnings myself. I've grown up in north Texas and know that this time of the spring brings the inevitable threatening storm. However, today's storm had a new weight. You see, I'm a newlywed. As I heard the tornado sirens my thoughts wandered to my wife. Is she OK? Is the storm near her work?

I quickly called to see if she was safe. Her voice reassured me everything was OK. There was a storm heading her direction in Richardson, but it had not produced a tornado. I quickly ran into the building to meet my friends for lunch. We turned on the television to see that a tornado had touched down in Desoto. It was no more than five miles from us to the southeast. A couple minutes later, we were alerted of another tornado touching down in Arlington off of I-20 and Cooper. That area is a frequent hangout of DBU students and we wondered if any had ventured that way for lunch.

As we watched the storms closely, I paid particular attention to the storm in Arlington. You see, this storm was heading directly toward my home. Our dog is home alone and we live on the third floor of our apartment complex. It's hardly the place that you want to be when there is a tornado on the ground.

What a hopeless feeling. I just sat there as the storm inched closer and closer on the screen. It passed directly over where we live.

While I sit here safely in my office I wonder if everything is OK. Did our apartment get hit? Is my dog OK?

The end of this work day cannot come fast enough.

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