Tragedy and Questions in Connecticut

Connecticut Residents React to Friday's Shooting

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Connecticut residents are reacting to Friday's shooting in Newtown. Here's one perspective.


COMMENTARY | The shooting rampage that occurred in Newtown today--and which took the lives of almost 30 people--hit both the state and the rest of the country hard, reminding us of past shooting incidents that have troubled our country in the past, including those at Columbine High School and Virginia Tech.

As a Connecticut native who listened to and watched radio and TV coverage of the incident today, it reminded me that what happened in Newtown today could very well happen again someday, and not just in Connecticut.

The pain and suffering that the victims' families and friends have felt in the wake of the tragedy is no more heartbreaking than the somber realization that the world has become more dangerous and complex than anyone realized. Somber, too, is the understanding that we may never learn the full reasons behind the shooting rampages that affected Newtown and other locales throughout the world in the past, leaving us with nightmarish images that remain damning today. What lingers, too, is a reminder of what might have been for the countless victims who had so much to live for. We can only hope that someday, such acts of insanity become a thing of the past.

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