Twitter management: HootSuite vs TweetDeck vs Seesmic

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Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and Seesmic, side by side

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Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and Seesmic, side by side

If you are getting serious about using Twitter, it could be time for you to beef up your social media and consider some 'third party' Twitter management. Using these apps can give you the edge over competitors using more basic ways to access the world's favourite microblogging service.

How? Simply put, they offer many, many more powerful features that you don't get on the basic client. You can also use them to manage other popular social networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

But as ever, there are choices. Save yourself some time in picking the right one by reviewing this quick comparison guide. Here we cover the 'big three' Twitter clients; Seesmic, Tweetdeck and Hootsuite. All products have been compared by features, with likes and dislikes discussed.

Note: this article was written based on available information of 05/12 and features could be subject to change over time.


Hootsuite: Web

Seesmic: Web, Desktop

Tweetdeck: Web, Desktop


Hootsuite: Free / Paid (Pro)

Seesmic: Free

Tweetdeck: Free

App Support

Hootsuite: iOS, Android, Blackberry

Seesmic: iOS, Android, Windows 7, OSX, Blackberry

Tweetdeck: iOS, Android, Windows 7, OSX,

URL shortening Choices

Hootsuite: 1

Seesmic: 2

Tweetdeck: 2


Hootsuite: Basic (Free) Better (Pro)

Seesmic: No

Tweetdeck: No

Tweet Scheduling?

Hootsuite: Yes

Seesmic: Yes

Tweetdeck: Yes

Klout integration?

Hootsuite: Yes

Seesmic: Yes

Tweetdeck: No

Team Collaboration?

Hootsuite: Yes

Seesmic: No

Tweetdeck: No

Multiple Twitter Accounts?

Hootsuite: Yes

Seesmic: Yes

Tweetdeck: Yes

Multiple Facebook Accounts?

Hootsuite: Yes

Seesmic: No

Tweetdeck: No

Hootsuite Pros

  • Covers the most social media networks of the three
  • Offers analytics, which the other clients do not.
  • Allows RSS feed integration for syndicating and reposting of your content

Hootsuite Cons

  • Doesn't allow you to see who retweeted you
  • Can be slow to post after you've hit 'send'
  • The free version limits the number of services you can use
  • Can't use other url shorteners, asides from

Seesmic Pros

  • Contact manager that helps you quickly gather information on people you've communicated with via Twitter.
  • Allows users to manage unlimited Twitter accounts
  • Has the most URL shorteners available

Seesmic Cons

  • Doesn't show allow you to see who retweeted you
  • Tabs system can get very messy, if you are trying to manage multiple accounts on different networks. There's no way to divide the tabs into pages
  • Doesn't appear to work very well with Facebook pages

Tweetdeck Pros

  • Similar appearance to Twitter's native interface
  • Translator feature allows you to translate messages within your timelines.
  • Has the most image sharing choices

Tweetdeck Cons:

  • Least Features
  • No built in analytics
  • No RSS Feed support
  • Can only use one Facebook Page.

The Overall Verdict:

Despite some hangups, and missing a few features that it's competitors offer, we still recommend Hootsuite. This is simply because for the person looking after social media, Hootsuite offers the most features and social networks.

We'd rank Seesmic as a close second place, and Tweetdeck third, since it has the least features.

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