'Two and a Half Men' Half-Man Does His Best Charlie Sheen, Trashes Show

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'Two and a Half Men' Half-Man Does His Best Charlie Sheen, Trashes Show

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'Two and a Half Men' Half-Man Does His Best Charlie Sheen, Trashes Show

Even if the powdery devil known as Charlie Sheen has become but a distant memory for the folks at CBS' onetime flagship sitcom Two and a Half Men, that doesn't mean the show's troubles with its cast are over. No, another actor has gone rogue, condemning the show in a YouTube video that is beginning to make the Internet rounds. Surprisingly, it's not quietly simmering diva Jon Cryer or a boozed-up Holland Taylor causing this commotion, it's little Angus T. Jones, the boy who became a young man in front of America and who, at 19, is worth many more millions of dollars than most people will die with. But all that fame and wealth means nothing to Jones, who has apparently become (or always was?) a devout Christian and, in a new testimony video for his Forerunner Christian Church, says that he doesn't want to be on Two and a Half Men anymore because it is "filth." Yikes.

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The real zest of the material starts at the 7:30 mark, in case you don't want to sit through all the born-again gobbledygook that precedes it. The basic gist is this: Two and a Half Men is about bad and ungodly things and so Angus T. Jones wants off the show, meaning you have to stop watching it. So... that's pretty blunt! Might it be weird for him to go to work tomorrow now that this thing has surfaced? Very likely yes. Jones' character is in the military now (last we checked), so he's actually not on the show as much as he used to be, but he recently had a big plotline about sleeping with a character played by Miley Cyrus, so he is certainly still getting up to his fair share of impure things. And he'd like that to stop, apparently.

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So what does show creator and famous Charlie Sheen nemesis Chuck Lorre do about this situation? Have Conchata Ferrell wallop little Angus clear upside the head? Fire him and name the show Two Men? (Thus earning a whole new viewership of curious dudes flipping by on their way to Logo.) The show is likely on its way out anyway, meaning maybe this won't be a problem for long so they can just ride it out. Whatever happens, it seems that young Master Jones won't be appearing in anything bawdy ever again, or at least until this particularly peculiar teen phase runs its course. The devil may have left Two and a Half Men, but, wouldn't you know it, now it has a god problem.

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