Two Mega Millions Tickets Turned In

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The March 30 Mega Millions jackpot of $656 million was won by three tickets. After a week of controversy, some of the winners have come forward to claim their prizes. The woman who originally claimed to have purchased the Maryland winning ticket was not among them

By the time of the drawing on March 30, the Mega Millions jackpot had grown to a record high of $656 million. After the six numbers were drawn, three winning tickets had been sold, in Kansas, Maryland and Illinois. The Mega Millions winner in Kansas, according to AFP, arrived at the state lottery office Friday morning. Maryland has a pool win, with three people claiming their proceeds on Monday, the Associated Press reports. No one has turned in the winning ticket in Illinois and the AP says the tiny town of Red Bud is abuzz with speculation about who bought the ticket at a local store

In Maryland, the three winners work together in public education. They have asked to remain anonymous. The winners chose the cash option and each will receive about $35 million after taxes

The Kansas ticket was sold to an individual who also chose to remain anonymous. Also electing to take the cash option, the winner will receive $110.5 million after taxes

The Illinois ticket was sold at a convenience store in Red Bud. The town is about 30 miles south of St. Louis. The ticket holder has one year to claim the prize. Illinois law will allow the winner to remain anonymous but some information about them must be made public.

Mirlande Wilson made headlines April 2 when she went public claiming to hold the Mega Millions winning ticket in Maryland. For much of the week, The Atlantic reports, her tale captured the imaginations of the public and the media. Her story fell apart as she first claimed to have the ticket, then to have hidden the ticket and then to have lost the ticket. Complicating the issue were the claims of her fellow employees at a suburban Baltimore McDonald's who had entrusted her with their money to buy tickets for a Mega Millions pool.

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