Undisclosed relationships cause Mountie who killed wife to lose parole

Associated Press

VANCOUVER - A former Mountie convicted of murder for throwing his wife off a 17th floor balcony has had his parole revoked after he failed to report relationships with several women to his parole supervisor.

Patrick Kelly, who was found guilty of first-degree murder in 1983, was granted full parole in 2010 but was taken into custody in August over concerns he had violated his conditions.

Kelly's conditions included a requirement that he tell his parole supervisor about any female relationships, but a parole board decision issued this week says Kelly admitted to having two unreported relationships in the past four months.

Kelly told the board he developed a drinking problem over an earlier break-up with another woman, and he says his drinking led him to make poor decisions.

The Parole Board of Canada says Kelly appeared to have limited insight into his actions and that his lying and drinking indicated he was at an increased risk of offending again.

Kelly will remain in custody but can apply for parole at his next hearing, which a spokesman for the parole board says will be at least a year away.

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