Verizon Galaxy S4 will be twice as fast as the iPhone 5 and HTC One
Verizon Galaxy S4 Data Speeds

Verizon Galaxy S4 Data Speeds

Samsung’s flagship smartphone will be faster on Verizon than any other network in the United States. Mike Haberman, vice president of network support for Verizon, confirmed to Bloomberg that the Galaxy S4 will be the first device to support the carrier’s Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) spectrum, which will more than double the smartphone’s data speeds. The AWS frequency won’t be supported at launch, however, and will require a software update to enable it. Verizon is using existing AWS airwaves and those it acquired from cable companies last year to build its next-generation network in major markets such as New York over the next few months. The expansion will help increase capacity of its existing LTE network and allow supported devices to access faster data speeds. The Galaxy S4 is available now from Verizon for $199 with a new two-year agreement.

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