Video: Dolphin Bites 8-Year-Old Girl at Sea World

Feeding the dolphins at Sea World was a dream come true for 8-year-old

Jillian Thomas, until one of the marine mammals bit into her arm, nearly

dragging her into the water.

Jillian's mother took video of her

daughter, who says dolphins are her favorite animal, feeding them at the

theme park's Dolphin Cove.

Jillian was in the middle of her second visit of the day to the friendly

looking animals when she made a crucial mistake, lifting a small plate

of dolphin food in the air out of excitement, something the park warns

people not to do.

The dolphin, eager for the food, chomped down on Jillian's arm instead, nearly dragging her into the water.

The 8-year-old walked away from the encounter with a set of teeth marks the size of dimes.

Her parents are furious and claimed Sea World employees "trivialized the attack."

"Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our

guests, employees and animals," Sea World said in a statement.

"Educators and animal care staff were at the attraction when this

happened and immediately connected with the family."

The Thomas family said it has no plans to sue Sea World, however they

are urging the park to increase the age limit for children who are

allowed to feed the animals.

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