Apple News Byte: Why You Shouldn't Rely on Apple-generated Passwords When Tethering Your IPhone

Wochit 1:04 mins

ZDNet reports that "researchers at the University of Erlangen in Germany have found a flaw in the automatically generated pre-shared keys used in Apple's iOS hotspots that could make them susceptible to attack in under a minute." The big issue, the researchers say, is that iOS generates passwords too predictably by using a limited number of dictionary words followed by a random sequence of numbers. Apple, on trial for allegedly colluding to raise the price of e-books, said an adverse ruling would have a "chilling effect" on how businesses investigate new markets. Investors in Apple's record U.S. $17 billion bond deal have suffered some of the biggest losses in recent investment-grade new issues, with about $760 million wiped off the value of longer-maturing Apple securities that they bought just weeks ago.

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