Cairo Breaking News: Egypt's Military Issues 48-hour Ultimatum

Wochit 1:02 mins

Egypt's powerful military warned it will intervene if the Islamist president doesn't "meet the people's demands," giving him and his opponents two days to reach an agreement, as thousands of protesters massed for a second day calling on Mohammed Morsi to step down. The organizers of anti-government protests that brought millions of Egyptians into the streets gave Islamist President Mohammed Morsi until July 2th afternoon to step down or else it will hike up its campaign, as protesters overran and ransacked the headquarters of Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood. Following a night of violence, the Cairo headquarters of Egypt's ruling Muslim Brotherhood was overrun by youths who ransacked the evacuated building. Security sources said five people were killed during hours of fighting around the besieged building, and medical sources said over 100 were wounded.

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