Drone Used To Study Wildlife In Remote Places

WTIC - Hartford 3:33 mins

We hear about drones mostly used as weapons of war or spying on our enemies, but another use for the devices is taking flight for research and science. Inventor Don Leroi in Old Lyme has been bulding his own brand of the remote control technology to help study wildlife in remote places. Essentially an RC to the enth degree, they are lighter, cheaper and of course much less intrusive than a real helicopter. "The battery tech is what makes this possible its battery operated it uses a lithium polymer battery which has the capacity of a whole box full of d-cells," he said. It can go as fast as 60 miles per hour and while it will reach an altitude of four thousand feet, the FAA requires to stay below 400 feet, and these basement-built devices have taken Leroi to the ends of the earth, including New Zealand.

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